A Revolution in Martial Arts Instructional DVDs, Since 2007

Get ready to actually learn dynamic, exciting curriuculum through high quality and innovative instruction. Whether you are a beginner martial artist or a black belt – you will become ultimate with our DVDs. Ultimate Training was founded in 2007 with a simple idea – make martial arts instructional DVDs that are extremely student-friendly. The DVDs have been built and designed from the ground-up to help you, the martial artist, to learn faster, in natural and intuitive ways. We have since sold over 30,000 martial arts DVDs to students around the world, in more than 50 countries. We have 7 year old white belts, to 70 year old black belts training with our programs at home or in their dojo – expanding their martial arts horizons. We also offer a complete Global Martial Arts Distance Training University, for students interested in earning rank at home as they train.

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A Better Way to Learn at Home


Each technique in an Ultimate Training DVD is shown from all 4 angles at full speed, and once in slow motion before the instruction begins. This allows you to see what your full-speed, final technique should look like, before you begin the breakdown of the technical elements.





The technique’s practical application, relevancy of use, and technical movements are broken down. The breakdown is instructed thoroughly, with proper camera angles, highlighting key aspects, allowing you to have a deep understanding of the technique.




Step by Step

In most DVDs, the techniques are completed with a step-by-step instruction. This is a final recap of the technique. Follow along with the instructor on screen to ingrain the exact motion into your muscle memory. Demonstrated with the instructor’s back to the camera, so you do not have to “mirror” the instructor’s movements.




Home Practice Drill

The home practice drill is a unique drill designed to help you master the technique, while working on other natural movement skills. Home practice drills incorporate household items like pillows, chairs, your wall, broom sticks, etc. – so that you can get realistic practice, with whatever equipment you have available. This allows you to build skill with unique repetition, rather than simply practicing the static motion over and over.


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