Being a Martial Arts Instructor is the Best Career In the World

What do you want to be when you grow up – a martial arts instructor you say – great choice! Being a martial arts instructor is an incredibly rewarding profession – and is not just a part time, or volunteer job anymore. You really can do many great things for others, and for your family at the same time. Here is why:

1. You have a meaningful purpose every day changing lives.

Every day you walk in the door to teach a martial arts class, whether to children or adults, you are there to make a difference. You are not just teaching a mindless fitness class where everyone hits a bag and goes home. No. You are teaching children how to respect others, how to maintain focus, how to lead in front of others, how to push themselves past their limits, how to control themselves, and so much more. After this class ends – they did not just do a workout – but gained wisdom and power from you.

2. No sitting behind a desk tapping, chained to the floor.

Some days you will be about the community marketing your school, maybe at a local elementary school teaching students about bullying, one day you will be in the school planning our special events, every day you will teach fun and high energy classes. The work is varied – from building a business, to martial arts, to customer service, and so much more.

3. You get to practice what you love – everyday!

You are not making mindless calls all day or working in a factory doing the same old thing. You will be practicing your martial art; and learning new arts along the way. You get to do what you love – and get paid for it.

4. Make a lot of money and have a secure financial lifestyle.

Being a martial arts instructor is different than it used to be – the martial arts business has evolved into a mature organization. You can now make anywhere from $30,000 – $115,000 a year as a martial arts instructor. If you OWN YOUR OWN school – these numbers are higher, depending on what you put in to the efforts. You have the ability to make as much money as you want – the better you are at enrolling AND keeping students – the more money you will make as well. IT Is not wrong to get paid well to do something valuable for others.

5. Happiness.

So many people hate their jobs. They wake up everyday dreading work and just waiting for the weekend. THIS IS YOUR LIFE! DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY! You will do better at it since you are having fun. Your happiness is worth it!!

How do I know all of this? I have been a career martial arts instructor for 8 years; and know how incredible of a career it is. -Sensei Michael Hodge

About the Author

Michael Hodge has been studying the martial arts since age seven, earning black belts in Kickboxing/ Krav Maga (a blended style) and Sung Moo Kwon Do. Sensei Hodge never claims to be the best martial artist in the world; but to focus on teaching- helping others reach their goals. This outward energy on guiding rather than forcing has created a unique instructional style that thousands around the globe have learned from.

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