How Earning a Black Belt is the Ultimate Achievement in Life (regardless of your age)

The black belt is a highly coveted prize. For some, it means the glory of competing at a high level, for some it means that they have memorized all of their patterns/requirements, for some it means that they get to be an instructor and boss people around, and for the majority of martial artists – it is a physical representation of their dedication, perseverance, and willing spirit.

Earning a black belt is an incredibly difficult achievement for a reason; to give you even more feeling of accomplishment, pride, and self-worth upon completing the goal. By sticking it out class after class, getting beat down, sweating, bleeding, and doing all of this (while you also go to school, work, with family, are surrounded by tragedy) – makes you the ultimate warrior.

By earning a black belt you are proving to yourself that you can do anything that you want. Earning a black belt proves that you have:

Perseverance – you know now you can do anything you set your mind to. Maybe you want to return to college and get an advanced degree – don’t be afraid. Maybe you want to enter a new training course, or you want to take on a avenue in life – you can, and will be able to follow through.

Dedication/Consistency – Maybe before your black belt, you had trouble being consistent. You would workout a few times a week, then stop. You would eat healthy (just when you wanted), you would be of service to others sometimes, you would spend some time with your kids…you know have a deep level of dedication to all purposes and paths in your life.

Leadership – by going through it all, you can lead others through the fire. You can help others set a long term goal such as a black belt. You can get them past the lows, help them ride out the highs, and give them the same gift of long term, ultimate life achievement.

Earning a black belt is completely worth it all!

Earning a Black Belt with BLACK BELT AT HOME, home study programs:

To earn the high rank of black belt or black chevron (in Karate, Nunchakus, or Bo) is not easy. I take this program very seriously; actually, I expect even more from my home study students. Due to the fact that I am not physically present, I will evaluate you with more strict standards – but, this is only good news for you. This is because I value the representation and meaning of a black belt, and will not hand it out to anyone who wants one. I have only a handful of students who have stuck it out, pushed themselves to their limits, and earned a high rank in my programs. But you CAN do it – make a plan, be consistent, and never give up.

Wishing you the greatest success! Sensei Michael Hodge

About the Author

Michael Hodge has been studying the martial arts since age seven, earning black belts in Kickboxing/ Krav Maga (a blended style) and Sung Moo Kwon Do. Sensei Hodge never claims to be the best martial artist in the world; but to focus on teaching- helping others reach their goals. This outward energy on guiding rather than forcing has created a unique instructional style that thousands around the globe have learned from.

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