Does Our New Tai Chi DVD Really Help to Heal Your Body?

That is a great question. Many skeptics do not think healing happens internally, from your own self-will, intent, and belief. Most of the world thinks that external actions are required. Go to the doctor, run tests, take prescription medication, purchase special exercise machines, re-visit a doctor, get sent to a specialist, change to a new diet, and then finally get fed up with this and take control of your own life.

Can you feel your body?

I mean, really feel who you really are, your body/mind/spirit presence on this Earth? Most would pinch themselves, say yes, then get on with their day. The practice of energy arts such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Yoga date back thousands of years. If you walk through a Chinese public park in the morning, it would be really weird NOT to see a group of people doing tai chi together. Just like it would be odd not to see runners here int he US. This is not a martial arts style purely for combat, self defense, or functional fitness.

Tai Chi’s Real Purpose

The purpose of practicing Tai Chi (and/or Qi Gong), is not so much to “get good at it” or “master it”, like you would expect in Karate or a belt system art. The goal is to gain an understanding on how Qi/life force effects your body. The highs and lows of your emotional mood, your state of healing/vitality, or degradation. If you are totally out of touch with your own being, then you will constantly look externally for answers.

So, you must be thinking to yourself, isn’t buying another DVD just grabbing at straws again? The action itself is very similar, yes. But the difference is that our DVDs are tools to help you re-discover your own self-healing and control potential. Not to sell you on more medicines or pull you into a new living regimen. Just take this new DVD, Heal Your Body with Tai Chi, do one of the classes every few days, and experience the feeling in your body. We have NEVER had a student/individual do a tai chi class and pass it off as a waste of time or pointless. But we COMMONLY run into people who say they will try it some other day. Or, that tai chi is not really for them. Have you ever done something for the first time and then said, why did it take me so long to do this?! I wish I would have started a decade ago…

Where Do I Actually Start from Here?

Well, start now by doing this easy 18 minute class, and seeing how you feel. And, if you don’t believe something will help you, it absolutely won’t. The human mind is quite powerful in manifesting for itself a reality of enjoyment or detriment, if you have not yet realized that in your life situation.

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About the Author

Michael Hodge has been studying the martial arts since age seven, earning black belts in Kickboxing/ Krav Maga (a blended style) and Sung Moo Kwon Do. Sensei Hodge never claims to be the best martial artist in the world; but to focus on teaching- helping others reach their goals. This outward energy on guiding rather than forcing has created a unique instructional style that thousands around the globe have learned from.

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