Total Krav Maga Home Study Manual

Total Krav Maga Home Study Manual

Thank you for purchasing the Total Krav Maga: Beginner – Intermediate 5 DVD set. Your purchase includes the below training manual/curriculum syllabus. This is a simple guide to follow while training at home, which has the exact level requirements, training tips, and other info.

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Important Note: You are currently not an enrolled student into the Global Martial Arts University Krav Maga course. You simply have the training DVDs and the manual to follow for your own at home training and progress. If you are interested in earning rank with our association, having instructor support, and feedback – you will want to register as a student. Your DVDs teach all curriculum in Levels 1-3.

What is the Krav Maga Distance Training Program?

This page explains how the course works, frequently asked questions, and the rank system.

How do I register as an official student?

You simply need to enroll into the Global Martial Arts University Krav Maga course. This gives you the ability to take rank exams, advance in with accredited certifications, receive instructor support, access to the entire level 1-6 curriculum, a new full length class each week, and more.

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