Total Krav Maga: Advanced to Black Belt (5 DVD Set)

Total Krav Maga Advanced DVDs

Total Krav Maga: Advanced to Black Belt takes you through the advanced to black belt levels of this brutally effective style. In this volume, you will learn advanced combatives, self defense techniques, control maneuvers, knife defenses, hand gun, long gun, groundfighting, takedowns, and sweeps. Techniques include home-practice drills, step-by-step instruction, follow along practice sections, and multiple camera angles. This set teaches all rank requirements for Levels 4, 5, and 6 – for students participating in our distance training course.  DVDs included:

Combatives, Self Defense Techniques, & Control Maneuvers – Learn brutal and straightforward combatives with detailed instruction, application ideas, explanations, and step by step direction. Advanced self defense techniques, such as preemptively defending a rear naked choke, full nelson defense (multiple attack scenario), and “drunken uncle” control maneuvers.

Groundfighting & Takedowns – Most real fights end up on the ground! You will learn how to counter chokes and punches with your own “offensive defenses.” You will also learn how to stand back up, and apply simple submissions such as the kimura or arm bar. There is also a section on sweeps and takedowns in self defense scenarios, as well as ground drills.

Gun Defenses – Start by learning the cornerstone of all Krav gun defenses (RCAT): redirect, control, attack, and takeaway. The DVD covers the most common hand gun defenses, long gun defenses, home practice drills, and a bonus section!

Knife Defenses – An attacker with a bladed weapon is a nightmare scenario. In this DVD you will learn common sense style defenses to straight stab, knife to throat, hostage style position, overhead, hooking with knife, slash and miss, and other movements. Each technique is taught with angles, complete breakdown, step by step, and a follow along practice section. 

Complete Classes for Home Training – Time to practice your newly learned Krav! This DVD includes 4 complete classes – it is just like being in a real Krav class with Mr. South. Follow along with the heart-pumping warm up, do combative drills, defense drills, groundfighting practice, weapon drills, and even a fun skill-game at the end of class. Perfect for working out and practicing with a partner; or alone if necessary. 

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  •  Instructor: Michael South
  • Length: 5 Hours
  • Skill Level: Advanced to Black Belt
  • Format: DVD, Region Free (plays in DVD players worldwide)

DVDs Included

Advanced Combatives and Self Defense Techniques Groundfighting and Takedowns Advanced Krav Maga Gun Defenses Advanced Krav Maga Knife Defenses
Complete Classes for Home Training


Preview Video for the Series:

Sample Lesson from “Combatives & Self Defense DVD”:

Sample Lesson from “Advanced Gun Defenses” DVD:

Sample Class from “Complete Home Classes” DVD:

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Feedback for the Total Krav Maga Series:

“After taking Krav Maga classes for about seven months and then a break, I noticed this set of DVDs and thought to purchase it so that I could continue my training and maintain my skills. I’m very pleased with the program and believe it would be suitable for anyone looking to learn about Krav Maga, continue their Krav training or improve their physical condition.

Each movement or technique is clearly demonstrated and from multiple angles. The instructor also shows how to practice the technique as well as demonstrates its practical application. Additionally, if you want to improve your cardio and physical conditioning then the program will help with that as well which is vital if you plan to take Krav Maga classes.

Again, I am very pleased with my decision to purchase this program and highly recommend it for personal training or as a compliment to taking instructor led classes.”

-Andrew M.

“I am a retired Deputy Sheriff and very familiar with self defense techniques! I honestly have to say, in my opinion that the Total Krav Maga Home Study dvd’s are the best out there! The techniques are shown from various angles with clear explanations for each one. They are presented in an easy to understand format. Anyone can do them. My 13yr old daughter and 9yr old son follow the program along with me! If you are looking for a no nonsense, straight to the point, self defense system, that thoroughly explains all techniques from various camera angles, this is the program to choose. One major bonus is, you can practice in the privacy of your own home with your family. Remember, “A Family That Kicks Together, Sticks Together” Best Wishes!!!”


“I bought the DVD set awhile back and I can say it was really helpful and informative! I’m a US Marine and on my down time, I practice with a few of the guys. Sensei Hodge is really descriptive and performs each technique in both normal and slow speeds so your mind can really grasp the concepts. For each technique, he explains the uses and different ways you can practice it before moving on to another technique so it gives you time to fully grasp each move at your own pace. The best part is that not only are you learning the execution of the deadly fighting force of Krav Maga, but you can actually earn rank in the style straight from Sensei Hodge himself. I would highly recommend this DVD set to anyone who wants to practice this style!”

-Lance Corporal Stephen Diaz, USMC

“Great product for the price. He steps you through the movement and gives you examples of exercises you should do to reinforce your learning. He also does a good job of emphasizing that the purpose is to be defensive in nature. This is assuredly not a replacement for taking a course if you are really serious about training in Krav Maga but it does cover a lot of detail. If you are willing to put in the time to practice then I am certain you will be rewarded with a level of preparedness.”


About the Instructor

Knife - Strike to Forearm_400pxMichael South is a black belt Krav Maga instructor and has been a student of the martial arts for over ten years. He also holds black belts in Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido. He began teaching martial arts professionally six years ago and is the founder of National Martial Arts, an Oklahoma-based martial arts organization dedicated to making the world a better and safer place. He specializes in Krav Maga instruction and is an avid student of BJJ at the moment, as well as a competitor.






About Total Krav Maga

TKM_iconTotal Krav Maga is an organized training course, which offers level certifications from Level 1-6. The TKM program is designed to help beginners learn the strong foundational necessity of stances, blocks, strikes, self defense techniques, awareness, instinctive reactions, groundfighting, knife defense, gun defense, blunt weapon defenses and fitness. The course does not just teach you techniques, but also includes complete Krav Maga follow along classes, and Krav conditioning workouts. These classes include drills, exercises, and ideas for your own home practice. The workouts can be added to your current regimen as a way to get more defense technique repetition, while increasing your cardio endurance. A training partner is necessary for level certification advancement in this course. If you are interested in becoming an officially enrolled student in the Total Krav Maga Home Study Course, please visit this page for more information


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