Beginner Krav Maga: Complete Classes for Home Training

Beginner Krav Maga Complete Classes for Home Training is designed to make your home study and training much more realistic, and useful. Includes 4 classes, approx. 30 minutes each. Follow along with one of the classes on the DVD (alone or with a partner), just like training in a real facility. The classes includes unique drills to gain skill and movement improvement in your techniques, along with fitness elements. Included on this DVD:

  • Class 1 – Warm Up, Drill 1: Hammer Fist Reactions Drill 2: 360 Blocking Practice, Drill 3: Choke Defenses, Drill 4: Hallowing w/Counter Kick, Conditioning Round, Drill 5: Rear Bear Hugs, End Game: Cover Guard from Side Control.
  • Class 2 – Warm Up, Drill 1: Defensive Front Kick to Cover, Drill 2: Clinch Knees, Drill 3: Ground Defense Compass Drill, Drill 4: Combatives to Sprawl, Conditioning Round (Core Exercises), Drill 5: Wrist Grabs.
  • Class 3 – Warm Up, Drill 1: Hair Grab Defenses, Drill 2: Front Gun Defenses, Drill 3: Side Head Lock & Rear Naked Choke, Drill 4: Circle Kicking Drill, Drill 5: Self Defense Circle, End Game: Scissor Sweep Game.
  • Class 4 – Warm Up, Drill 1: Rear Gun Defense, Drill 2: Guillotine Fatigue Drill, Drill 3: Front Instep to Defensive Thrust Kick, Drill 4: Overhead Stab Defense, Drill 5: Front Bear Hug Practice.
  • Perfect for home study students to get more practice in at home (alone, with a partner, or with a training bag). 
Price: $19.99

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DVD Details

  •  Instructor: Michael South
  • Length: 114 Minutes
  • Skill Level: Beginner – Intermediate
  • Format: DVD, Region Free (plays in DVD players worldwide)

 Screenshots from the DVD:


Sample Class from the DVD:

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Feedback for this Series:

“I have been practicing the martial arts for 38 years and have been teaching for 23 years and I found this and the other Krav Maga DVD produced and taught by Michael Hodges to be excellent resources for the practice of Krav Maga and for anyone who wishes to learn the basics of effective and efficient self-defense. I am also a police instructor and full-time police officer and I am integrating some of these basic, yet effective, techniques into my training program for the officers who serve on my police department.

Mr. Hodges’ teaching style is very straightforward and is appropriate for students and instructors who learn from a variety of learning modalities such as Visual (Mr. Hodges shows you the techniques), Aural (hearing – Mr. Hodges explains the techniques), and Kinesthetic (Mr. Hodges has the student actually do the techniques with him).

I am also a university professor part-time and a researcher and have a Ph.D. in Education and from my professional background and experience I am aware of what effective learning methodologies looks like; Mr. Hodges has hit the nail on the head with his instructional techniques.

Overall, the cost is fantastic and an outstanding bargain! Do yourself a favor if you are a Krav Maga practitioner, enthusiast, or a martial artist who wishes to add some basic and solid techniques to your training program and purchase both of Mr. Hodges’ Krav Maga videos; you will not be disappointed!”

-John M. Landry, Ph.D.

The two Krav Magra DVDs gave good instruction in how to disable an assailant and break free. I have had training in Army military police and Judo classes. This is much better than sport Judo.
Its better to view the videos with a work- out partner; pausing the DVD to try a few of what you have learned. You will learn faster by having actual practice as you learn.

-John, from Eugene

Good start up DVD. Shows the very basics…Assists with technique which is vital to doing the moves correctly. Slow enough to allow you to stay with the video. I would recommend this video to my friends.


-Excellent seller. DVD’s r filled w/ golden nuggets 4 learning.

-Great product everything yousaid and more THANK YOU A-1+

-Great E Bayer, Great product Mr. Hodge has the right stuff.

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