Total Krav Maga: Beginner to Intermediate (5 DVD Set)

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Total Krav Maga is not just a set of training DVDs – but a comprehensive home study course that will take you from know-nothing to confident practitioner. With this series you will actually learn each technique to a deep level, understand its use, and practice with unique and skill-building drills. From combatives, to chokes, to ground defense, to gun scenarios, to knife, you will be taken through the most common real world threats and defenses. And don’t forget about The Krav Maga Workout, which will get you in the best shape of your life, while gaining muscle memory and reactions. If you are serious about learning Krav Maga, this is the ultimate starting point. Whether you are a complete novice or currently taking classes at a Krav facility – you can integrate this course into your training regimen for accelerated learning. This DVD set covers all techniques in Levels 1-3 (Yellow, Orange, Green Belt) in the Total Krav Maga curriculum, which is very simliar to most Krav organizations. This is a great supplement to your local training classes, or as a stand-alone study program. 

Overview of what’s included:

DVD 1: Basic Combatives – Intro to Krav Maga concepts, stances, awareness, punches, and fighting. The 12 foundational combatives (palm strike, hammer fists, front kicks, finger strikes, head butts, thrust knees, clinch positions, preemtive striking, elbows #1-7, and back kicks) are taught thoroughly, step by step. Includes angles, breakdown, step by step, and helpful home practice drills. Run time: 92 minutes. 

DVD 2: Self Defense Techniques – Develop instinctive reactions to the most common attacks: chokes, head locks, guillotine, wrist locks, punches, kicks, tackle, hair grabs, and ground defense. Taught with multiple angles, detailed breakdown, and a home practice drill for individual mastery. Run time: 92 minutes.

DVD 3: Weapon Defenses – An eye-opening look at the world of armed defense. Understanding fight versus flight, distance decisions, the best ways to defend a blunt weapon, knife attacks, and even common gun scenarios. Each technique includes a helpful follow along practice section. Also includes reality stress drills, and some bonus footage. Run time: 71 minutes.

DVD 4: Home-Training Follow Along Classes – You will practice along with one of the 4 included classes (alone or with a partner). Now that you know the basic techniques, these follow along classes give you new drills and ways to practice along with us on screen. This is an extremely helpful DVD for those who train at home, and are looking to make big improvements. Each of the four classes is approx. 30 minutes long, and includes: Warm Up, 5 Drills, and a Skill Game or Conditioning Round. Run time: 114 minutes. 

DVD 5: The Krav Maga Workout – Build strength and increase endurance while doing actual krav defense techniques and combatives. Not only is this a killer workout, but you are getting much needed repetition in these techniques, which creates heightened muscle memory and instinctual reactions. Includes 2, 30 minute workouts. Also includes 2 flexibility routines, great for before or after a hard training session. Run time: 87 minutes.

SALE: $129.99

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  •  Instructor: Michael South
  • Length: 7.5 Hours
  • Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Format: DVD, Region Free (plays in DVD players worldwide)

DVDs Included

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The Krav Maga Workout_4promo_front_400


Screenshots from the DVDs

Sample Lesson from “Basic Combatives” DVD:

Sample Lesson from “Self Defense Techniques” DVD:

Sample Lesson from “Weapon Defenses” DVD:

Sample Lesson from “Complete Home Classes” DVD:

Sample Lesson from “The Krav Maga Workout” DVD:



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 1 reviews
For a beginner like myself, it is exceptionally well structured

I have just purchased the Total Krav Maga DVD box set. The quality of the DVD box set packaging is extremely good, the recorded material of high quality and it was delivered on time. The supplier, ‘Ultimate Training’, was very helpful when asking questions about the product and its contents - 10/10 for service and back-up.

The quality of the recording is excellent as is the training material. For a beginner like myself, it is exceptionally well structured and extremely helpful. You see the actual Krav Maga strike or defence as it should be delivered at full speed, then in slow-motion and also from every angle. There is then a breakdown, which tells you more about the finer points of what is being done. A step by step guide takes you through the strike / defence and finally you are provided with a ‘drill’, this is a practice session that helps reinforce what you have just learnt. Brilliant!

The instructor featured on the DVDs (Michael South) speaks very clearly, is easy to understand and very concise in his instruction.

I have just started a Krav Maga Training class, and find that the Total Krav Maga DVD set is an invaluable resource that helps me reinforce what I have physically learnt, and if I’ve forgotten something in class, its more than likely explained on the DVD - just great!!!

The Krav Maga Workout DVD is excellent, as it really works your body and helps with conditioning.

I have no hesitation in recommending this Total Krav Maga DVD Box set.

Feedback for this Series:

Ordered the DVDs and am very happy with my purchase. Ive tried other follow along courses on DVD before and some are not very user friendly and are hard to grasp all the presented info. Not the case with this DVD set, the instructor does an awesome job breaking down each technique into very easily managed and understandable slices or sections. The material covered is great and you get quite a bit of info over the five dvds not just the same concepts rehashed over and over. Material is well organized also which greatly helps. I would order it again in a heart beat. Keep up the good work. Train Hard.

-Dustin Dougherty

Very impressed with the DVDs and the instructor. Video angles are done well. As a kravist and instructor watching different instructors styles is very helpful. The warmups, drills, and demos are nicely done.

-Michelle S.

The two Krav Maga DVDs gave good instruction in how to disable an assailant and break free. I have had training in Army military police and Judo classes. This is much better than sport Judo.

Its better to view the videos with a work- out partner; pausing the DVD to try a few of what you have learned. You will learn faster by having actual practice as you learn.

-John, from Eugene

Good start up DVD. Shows the very basics…Assists with technique which is vital to doing the moves correctly. Slow enough to allow you to stay with the video. I would recommend this video to my friends.


-Excellent seller. DVD’s r filled w/ golden nuggets 4 learning.

-Great product everything yousaid and more THANK YOU A-1+


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