Ultimate Bo: Beginner to Black Belt Bo Staff Course – 8 DVD Set


Ultimate Bo, also known as American Style Bojutsu, is the world’s first complete white to black belt officially recognized bo training style. This DVD set teaches the entire curriculum in a common-sense level by level method. This course helps you go from complete beginner to bo staff expert through intelligently designed lessons, drills, follow along classes, and detailed instruction. The original Ultimate Bo course launched in 2007, since then thousands of students have trained through the home study course, making it a global phenomenon. This is Ultimate Bo 2.0. A completely re-filmed, updated, and improved system of training, a decade in the making. You will learn all traditional techniques, combat/sparring bo techniques, and katas through the six chevron levels.

You will learn:


Introduction & Basics – About the Ultimate Bo style, the training sections, how to choose the right bo, choosing the correct size bo.

course-feature-for-website_traditional-boTraditional Techniques – Traditional Okinawan based strikes and blocks which are integrated into our katas.

course-feature-for-website_katas6 Katas – Each kata is demonstrated full speed, instructed section-by-section, front follow along practice, and also a back view follow along practice.

course-feature-for-website_combatCombat Bo – Grips, Positions, Footwork, Striking Angles, Hard Blocks, Parries, Thrusts, Reverse Strikes, Long Grip Strikes, Reverse Grip Strikes, Sparring Drills, Combat Philosophy.

course-feature-for-website_classes6 Complete Follow Along Classes – Each with a warm up, drills, lessons, and a cool down. Just like attending one of Sensei Michael’s bo classes in person.


6 Chevron Levels – All curriculum from yellow to black chevron (a chevron, is like a belt or level), is taught over the 8 DVD set. The DVDs that are included: Yellow Chevron Part 1, Yellow Chevron Part 2, Green Chevron Part 1, Green Chevron Part 2, Blue Chevron, Brown Chevron, Red Chevron, and Black Chevron. All material is well indexed and easy to find on its correct chevron DVD. The streaming edition is also well indexed and easy to use.

The entire course has been filmed in our newly built state-of-the-art dojo, with HD video, crisp audio, helpful angles, instruction, home practice drills, and so much more to help you truly learn at home.

“Sensei” Michael Hodge created Ultimate Bo in 2007, after teaching the bo in his family dojo. He decided to create an organized, level based training system to give students a clear path to progressive mastery in the weapon. He also holds a 3rd dan in shotokan karate-do, and is well known for weapons instruction. Currently, he teaches at the Global Martial Arts University and is the leader of The Abundance Projects, a positive good organization.

If you are interested in earning real rank and getting instructor support, you can also enroll as an official student in the Global Martial Arts University Ultimate Bo course for a small fee.

The Ultimate Bo Preview Trailer

Overview of the Ultimate Bo Course

Sample Follow Along Class

From the Green Chevron Part 2 DVD

Sample Combat Bo Lesson

From the Green Chevron Curriculum

Sample Traditional Technique Lesson

From the Yellow Chevron Part 1 DVD


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Ultimate Bo – Beginner to Black Belt – Digital Streaming Edition

streaming-edition_device-montage_ultimate-boIf you prefer to start training instantly, and don’t need DVDs, you can buy the entire course now, in a convenient digital streaming edition. You can immediately access the entire course, by clicking the “View Product” button in the email receipt. No need to setup an account, etc. You can watch on any device (computer, tablet, smartphone, or even mirror to your television) via your web browser, or, watch it in our streaming video app, Gumroad.

Streaming Edition $99

Regular Price: $129


  •  Instructor: Michael Hodge
  • Length: 13.5 Hours
  • Skill Level: Beginner to Black Belt
  • DVD Format: DVD, Region Free (plays in DVD players worldwide)
  • Streaming Format: Instant Access in Browser or App

Feedback for the Ultimate Bo DVD Set & Streaming Edition Course:

“With my unpredictable schedule, keeping a weekly or monthly commitment isn’t really practical. I’ve been looking for something to teach me on my own schedule and the Ultimate Bo series fits that perfectly.

Being new to martial arts, I needed something that would start from the beginning. Each lesson is broken up into clear and concise steps making it easy to memorize the forms. I purchased the digital copies which made it easy to put on my phone so I can train on the go.

Thank you, Michael Hodge, for keeping me on track! The one down side to training on your own is not being held accountable, but I really feel like you guys care about my progress, so thank you!

If you are tired of piecing together random instructions from Youtube, and you are ready to get serious about learning this stuff, these videos are required!”

-Jeremy Dean

“I believe that these video’s is an excellent way to to train and expand your knowledge. These videos are put together in a manner which makes it easy to learn.The feed back after testing allows a person to improve in the areas that are needed.”

-Jeffrey Smith

“This is the first time that I have ever tried any sort of distance learning so I was a bit skeptical when we ordered the DVDs but that all changed when I got started. The material is excellent and very helpful. It is clear that Sensei Michael has a genuine interest in helping his students develop. We are excited about going through the process! Thank you Sensei Michael!!”

-JD Ross

“Michael!! Thank you so much for all your content! It’s changed my life in ways I cannot express into words!!! I’m so greatful and thankful for all that you do! You have literally made my life dream a reality! Thank you so much! I have your current bo staff curriculum, and it’s phenomenal!!!!”

-Jason Shaffer

“I bought the course for my son and myself for Christmas. I was pretty excited so I cracked it open a couple weeks before Christmas. I popped the tapes in and started my lessons with a wood curtain rod in my garage. I really enjoy the physical challenge as well as the zen feeling I got when I am working with the staff and your course. I was enjoying the course so much I decided to purchase a few staffs for myself my son and my daughter. I have been a physical education teacher for fourteen years and I quickly realized that your course would be great for my entire family. I am a huge believer that physical fitness is imperative in holistic well being. My initial intention was to learn a few spins with the staff and have some fun with my son. Your course has inspired me in many ways. It has been a catalyst in striving for better overall fitness in my life. I have also decided to go for a black belt rank in the staff and possibly explore other martial arts such as Krav Maga.

I want to thank you for the hard work you put into your courses. It is evident that you have the true heart of a teacher. I would highly recommend your courses to anyone who would like to study martial arts. Thanks for your kind words and inspiration. I am looking forward to my journey to a black belt ranking.”

-Tim Spinosa

“Ultimate BO is a wonderful experience when it comes to hard work. Work as hard or as sporadicly as you want.Sensei
Hodge is a very skilled instructor, he has a way of making you feel as though you are his only Pupil. When it
comes to training, your instructor is in the D.V.D. You can fast forward, rewind, pause. Try that in a DoJo and see if the instructor will go for it. I doubt it especially when it comes to slow motion. Sensei Hodge does not mind, try him.
The exercise I get is great. I am 50 something & need a little extra motivation. Ultimate BO has made me stretch and exercise. Because I want to advance in my overall health, I made the right choice.
There are many Martial Arts courses being offered over the Internet now. Distance Training from Sensei Hodge is the first of its kind. Go with proven leadership. Onward & Upward.”

-Chris Gardner

“My son got this video for his bow staff and he really liked it. The instruction given is very good and he understood all the moves.”


“It is a good video easy to follow I would recommend to others for beginning Bo to Advance training. It was what I wanted”

-Charles V.


ash-bo-ready-stance-outdoors_700About the Instructor

Michael Hodge is the founder of Ultimate Training and also the weapons style Ultimate Bo. Michael has been studying the martial arts since age seven and has earned a 3rd degree black belt in shotokan karate. He has taught thousands of classes as an instructor in his own dojo, and his father’s dojo in the last 10 years, and now currently works with his home study students from around the globe. His goal is to help others reach their full potential, and create boundless prosperity for the world through The Abundance Projects, of which he is the steward.


new-size-logoThank You For Helping Others!

Around 10% of the net proceeds of your purchase will go to people and projects in need. By simply purchasing a DVD set or course from us, you are helping others in need, and changing the world. Read more.



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