Ultimate Training: Beginner Competition Sai


This particular title, Ultimate Training: Beginner Competition Sai, is a comprehensive DVD teaching incredibly impressive competition style sai. This title will build the foundation for your competition sai training. Here is a quick overview of what you will learn:

  • intro to sai – what type to get, where to hold, basic principles
  • beginner techniques – blocks, punches, stabs, slashes, and more
  • beginner competition form (kata) – an amazing competition style sai form incorporating all techniques learned within this volume.


Price: $14.99

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DVD Details

  •  Instructor: Michael Hodge
  • Length: 71 Minutes
  • Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Format: DVD, Region 1 (plays in DVD players worldwide)

 Sample Lesson


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Feedback for this DVD:

My partner started training with Sai when younger and really wanted to get back in to it, unfortunately we were unable to find classes in our city and so we searched for DVDs instead.

We came across Sensei Michael Hodge and after doing some background research, I was convinced this DVD would prove not only to be useful but worth the money.

Previous reviewers may say that Sensei Michael Hodge is young, but my experience of martial arts (my cousin reached 2nd dan black belt in karate before he was a teenager, won many tournaments and has many trophies) his age is not a negative factor at all, in fact, he is extremely talented and knowledgeable in his field of expertise. As far as the price goes, what you are learning from this DVD, if you attended classes you would be paying a lot more!

For those of you who know nothing of the history of Sai and simply want to learn a new skill or something that will make you look flashy in front of friends, think again! There is more to sai than looking like a cosplay character or Elektra! Sai is a disciplined art form which takes great practice, patience and above all RESPECT!

Sensei Michael Hodge starts by explaining what size, shape and the different metals Sai come in. You simply do not purchase any type of Sai, you need to know what size fits your arm and what metal is best for what you want to do with them.
Sensei Michael Hodge goes on to explain how to hold your Sai correctly – referred to as “grips” this is one of the most critical foundations, if you cannot hold your Sai correctly, you have no business progressing until you have mastered this, as there is a high chance you will end up hurting yourself or someone else around you, remember Sai are a weapon!

Punches/Flips/Blocks/Stabs/Slashes – Sensei Michael Hodge gives a demonstration first of all of how a punch/flip/block/stabs/slashes with Sai can be executed. This is done in a very controlled manner which allows the viewer to be able to watch his moves without missing anything and then breaks the moves down including the proper stances and form.
Sensei Michael Hodge then move on to show sequences, like before giving a demonstration of what you are about to learn and then breaks it all down at an easy to understand pace.

Overall I find The Beginner DVD to be very good, I like the pace in which it is set and the moves and techniques that are shown. This DVD is perfect for the novice or for those like my partner who are wishing to return to the art form after many years of not training.

I would just like to say having used Sai myself and now training with Sensei Michael Hodge’s DVD, your hands and arms will ache to start off, but be patient and consistent, don’t give up and most of all have fun!

-V. Mawhinney

I wanted to try training with the sai, and thought this DVD might give me somewhere to start.  This product really did exceed my expectations.  I started out a complete beginner, and now I feel pretty confident in my sai techniques.  Everything was taught thoroughly in an easy to understand manner, and the curriculum is great.  I highly recommend this complete series to anyone who is serious in sai training, or those who just want to try out a new weapon.

-Scott, Texas

This DVD does a really good job teaching the basic principles, but also adding on more exciting and challenging content at the right pace.  I love how every technique is demonstrated by angles, speed, and with a great explanation.  The competition form is a lot of fun, and has helped me to compete well at tournaments.  I would recommend this DVD to all!

-Karate Spirit

I actually was really impressed with these videos. You never really know what you’re going to get when you order martial arts videos. Simple to follow along with.

-Chris, New Jersey


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